DekaBank is the Wertpapierhaus of the German savings banks and, together with its subsidiaries, forms the Deka Group. With total customer assets totalling approximately € 220 billion as at december 2014 and around four million managed securities accounts, the Deka Group ranks among Germany’s major securities service providers. It ensures access to a wide range of investment products and services for retail and institutional investors.

DekaBank - part of the world's largest financial combine

DekaBank's roots date back to the year 1918, when Deutsche Girozentrale (DGZ) was founded. Deka as an investment company was founded in 1956; DGZ and Deka joined forces to create DekaBank in 1999. The Bank owes its success to its staff's experience and commitment, and its firm foundations: DekaBank is firmly anchored within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Being a part of the world's largest financial combine means we can each do what we do best, with DekaBank creating funds centrally and savings banks serving customers locally. This combine principle is also reinforced by our ownership structure: The savings banks are sole owners of DekaBank.

Four Business Divisions, One Central Sales Unit

To provide the best possible service to the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and its customers, our activities are bundled in four business divisions, plus a central sales unit:

The Securities business division deals with actively managed securities funds, passively managed index funds, fund-linked asset management and special funds and mandates for institutional customers. Its products encompass all major asset classes.

The Real Estate business division's range of services includes property-based investment products for private and institutional investors, credit funds and commercial property finance. DekaBank's combined presence in investment fund and lending business is a significant competitive advantage in this field.

The Captial Markets business division provides the link between customers and markets in customer-oriented capital market business. It does this by developing and supplying products, providing infrastructure for capital market transactions and acting as a liquidity platform for the savings banks and institutional customers.

Financing solutions for institutional customers are rarely off-the-shelf products. The Financing business division provides tailored solutions for complex projects, such as infrastructure and transport schemes, as well as funding for the savings banks.

We also have 13 Corporate Centres for internal services in all. This organisation is designed to make business processes leaner to bring us even closer to our customers.