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The International Highrise Award 2014
Bosco Verticale in Milan wins

The jury of the International Highrise Award (IHP) 2014 resolved unanimously: The residential highrise Bosco Verticale in Milan/Italy has won the prize, worth EUR 50,000, for the world’s most innovative highrise.

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Deka Group
Interim Report 2014

The Deka Group achieved an economic result of around €322,1m in the first half of 2014. Along the way to the Wertpapierhaus we have reached further important milestones. For more information please refer to our Interim Report.

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AQR and bank stress test
DekaBank achieves solid results

DekaBank passed both the Asset Quality Review (AQR) and bank stress test of the European Central Bank (ECB) with solid results. This shows that DekaBank has a strong financial base and is well prepared for exceptional circumstances and crises.

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